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Our Projects

We Provide skills & educational programs that are aligned to the NDP & Goals in aid to alleviate poverty, reduce inequality by providing access & creating platforms to good quality educational programs.

Annual Engage your Mind- Literature Competition

The School's may be closed but the minds should not. Don't miss the opportunity to register for this year's competitions.

Great Prizes to be won

The Mind Gym

The Mind Gym is a Kidz Club, which has been recently launched in June 2022 and runs every Saturday and Holidays at Matlosana Mall- Learning Centre in Klerksdorp.

Career Pathing

It is essential for learners as they develop to function well within their abilities, passions and excelling areas of strength.

School Edu-Tours

A learning experience to learners and teachers and an opportunity to integrate new perspectives through an educational tour in an informal learning environment.

Mind Transformation Session- Mandela Day Initiative

A united workforce is a productive workforce. Re-enforcing principles of humanity & unity in organisation.

Digitised Reading Intervention

Bridging the gap of literacy and bring 21st century skills competencies into the classroom. Using Technological instructions to enhance reading& learning outcomes.

Youth Work based Skills Project

This was a Covid-19 work skills based learning program endorsed by HWSETA, in partnership with Ruo & Rui Medicals.

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