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Background Of The Organisation

Luonthought was established and incorporated in May 2017. We currently operate in 2 provinces

Northwest in Klerksdorp at Matlosana Mall Learning Center & West Rand in Randpark Ridge.

We lean on the philosophy that every battle is first lost or won in the mind-set hence our motto, Influencing mind-sets and changing attitudes. Our programs focuses on building the mindset, stretch imaginations, encourage creativity and positive thinking


Our Vision

Our vision is to create thought leaders, critical thinkers and provide individuals with a sense of purpose and personal excellence. To be a leading thought leadership, skill & personal development center.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bridge the gap of literacy & technology . To entrench the culture of reading and enhance learning outcomes by providing access to good quality educational programs.

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What Problem are we Solving

The reading and Infrastructure crisis in South Africa


78% of Grade 4 cannot read for meaning & understanding

80 % of  Primary Schools Lack  resources  like books, Libraries & infrastructure


99% fall below international recognised level of reading literacy

Our Approach & Method


Using Technological Instructions to enhance Learning Outcomes


Each Child is like a flower with different needs and abilities. Our program is inclusive to all learners who learns at their pace and level


Including educational games and play based learning for mind stimulation and cognitive reception.


The value of literacy extends beyond the classroom and should ideally equip learners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to participate actively in the society. This is a solution beyond the classroom.

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