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Career Pathing


Khuma / Klerksdorp Northwest




Career Pathing

The career pathing program was initiated in Oct 2018, through the established book club at Vuyani Mawethu Secondary School in Khuma Northwest, which was used as a basis for selection criteria.

It is essential for learners as they develop to function well within their abilities, passions and excelling areas of strength. Our objective here is to shape a focused mind-set by providing tools and creating access to information that enables self-development process and a sense of direction for individuals.

The career pathing program is designed to serve as a compass to guide and stimulate direction in possible career prospects, where learners are taken through a career pathing journey, which involves career assessment and counselling.

It is a journey that engages and connects one to self through identification of personality traits, areas of strengths, which can allow individuals a focal point of self-awareness that can be harnessed.

This was made possible and achieved through the partnership of Boston college in Klerksdorp.


The program impacted a total of 40 Learners of which 70% Were female.

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